Where to Eat in Saigon Vietnam : 5 Best French Restaurants

Ho Chi Minh City (some time ago called Saigon) has for some time been credited with its wealth in gastronomy. There is by all accounts a reality that the Saigon has everything that a visitor wants. While a few people go see the city’s advanced appeal, the others seek remarkable assorted food. For any vacationer who is searching for Where to Eat in Saigon Vietnam for French nourishment, being casted a ballot by Vietnam nourishment visit, there stand 5 Best French Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City for all of you to watch out for.

The #1 French Restaurant: 48 Bistro, Saigon

The restaurant is situated in 48 Le Thi Rieng Road, Area 1, Ho Chi Minh City, which is on our proposed list since it is excellent. The French bistro is the place gastronomers can appreciate the classy and economical French nourishments. Simply take a short taxi ride from downtown Saigon, the culinary specialists can without much of a stretch arrive at the 48 Bistro. It gives you a genuine buzz from the principal look. Since nourishments and beverages are modest yet delicious right now, to encounter an enjoyment Saigon night.

The #2 French Restaurant: Le Bordeaux Restaurant, Saigon

Le Bordeaux Restaurant is set in 72-D2 Road Van Thanh Bac, Binh Thanh Region, Ho Chi Minh City. The extraordinary spot grasps great history. In the mid-90s, this restaurant goes back to the reviving of the city to the travel industry and speculation. Up to now, it is still among the best French feasting choices in the city. Pretty much a short ways from downtown by taxi, the French food darlings can arrive at this benevolent restaurant. The moderate costs are for you to get the exceptional night out right in Le Bordeaux.

The #3 French Restaurant: Le Bouchon de Saigon

This superb French dinning alternative is arranged in 40 Thai Van Lung Road, Area 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Le Bouchon de Saigon restaurant is the place guests relish the French bistro boxes and assess elements of red check table materials, French articulations, chequer-board flooring, French wines and nourishments. A great menu is the thing that has won the gastronomers’ heart since its first introduction of 2011. The restaurant invites countless guests every night and it positions among the busiest French bistros in Saigon. French restaurant ho chi minh, hence, be tolerant on the off chance that you experience the loud side in some cases. The sterile nourishment and expert help please practically any comer. You’re guaranteed to get what you’ve paid for nature of nourishments, administrations, and the entire feeling.

La cuisine restaurant
La cuisine restaurant

#4 French Restaurant: Le Jardin French Bistro, Saigon

This straightforward and modest French Bistro is based on 31D Thai Van Lung Road, Locale 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The situation of a little tranquil nursery in downtown Saigon quiets your brain and revels your sense of taste. Simply follow through on for the correct costs and enjoy the charming suppers at your security. The French articulations touch off the legitimacy during your eating time.

#5 French restaurant: The Processing plant, Saigon

Still don’t have the foggiest idea Where to eat in Saigon Vietnam ? Realize that The Processing plant is remained at 74 Hai Ba Trung, Area 1, Ho Chi Minh City. It is one of the most refined zones for each French culinary specialist appreciates a night glass of wine and relishes the French bistro style nourishments. At first, the old French period opium processing plant will light your sparkle of enthusiasm for the great and sensibly valued dinners. The mindfully improved restaurant ought to consistently be an unquestionable requirement visit spot for both cooking and amusement.


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